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Kurre’s Birthday Party


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Kurre, Fredrik’s uncle, turned 50 and had organized a big party in Köping.


A part from inviting all his friends from Köping and around, he invited his relatives from Danmark and France. Amanda, his daughter, was back from the US and friends from where she stayed for a year, Illinois, came to the party too. Agnes, his other daughter, and Ingela, his wife, with her family were also there. It was a big party with lots of dancing and chatting. Kurre and Ingela had organized a band who entertained us to the full with Swedish songs, jokes and funny stories. The guests themselves did every type of performance, singing, reading a poem, funny presentations or simply standing up to tell about Kurre. The highlight was the performance of Amanda and Agnes who beautifully sang a song to celebrate their father.


The party was great and the fact to meet the big family again was fantastic!!!!

Thank you, Kurre and Ingela!!!

Sabrina and Fredrik

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Midsummer Party


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Midsummer Day was originally celebrated on 24 June to commemorate John the Baptist. About 50 years ago, it was moved to the nearest Saturday. The celebrations however take place the day before, Midsummer Eve, this year on Friday 22 June.

In agrarian times, Midsummer celebrations in Sweden were held to welcome summertime and the season of fertility. In some areas, therefore, people dressed up as ‘green men’, clad in ferns. They also decorated their houses and farm tools with foliage, and raised tall, leafy maypoles to dance around, probably as early as the 16th century and modeled on a German tradition.

It was not until the 20th century, however, that this became the most Swedish of all traditional festivities.

Text and information from: http://www.sweden.se/templates/cs/CommonPage____11366.aspx

We celebrated Midsummer Eve at Pelle’s, our friend’s summer house outside of Örebro. Since it is such an important holiday for all Swedes and the celebrations take place outdoors, everybody wants it to be a lovely sunny summer day. It didn’t happen this year!!!! It was a grey and rainy day but that didn’t stop us from having great fun. Pelle put up his party tent and from time to time when the rain stopped we played cricket ball and an outdoor quiz where you were supposed to find questions printed on paper somewhere in the garden or on the street. The food we ate was delicious and typical as it should be at Midsummer Eve. For lunch we had different kinds of pickled herring (I love that stuff), boiled fresh potatoes with fresh dill and soured cream. For dinner we had a delicious barbecue with different kinds of meat and fish, I had salmon. Yummy!!! As dessert we had a mouth-watering chocolate cake (thanks to Carola, Stefan’s girl-friend) with fresh strawberries and cream.

The traditional beverages are cold beer and schnapps, preferably spiced. For every time the schnapps glasses are refilled, singing breaks out. Swedes love drinking songs!!!!


We had a great time!!! Thank you, Pelle!!!


Sabrina and Fredrik

PS: Jätte tack ochså till alla som var med på festen!!!!!


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Party at Kerstin’s

Gålby, Köping

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Thank you, Kerstin, for this wonderful surprise party.

Kerstin is Fredrik’s nearly-aunt who knows Fredrik from ever since he was born. We asked her to come to Mexico to be at our wedding and as a gift she invited us for dinner to her house in Gålby just outside of Köping. We expected a quiet dinner with Kerstin and Kurre’s family (Kristensen), who we went with. However, once there we saw some, from our side, unexpected guests, Anna (our travel buddy) from Gotland and her brother, Robert. What a surprise!!! Half an hour later I thought I saw a ghost when Pelle and Stefan from Örebro stood in front of me. We didn’t expect to see them, all the greater was the joy.

It was a beautiful night. The sun didn’t set until late. We had a barbecue and rhubarb pie as dessert. Weeks before in South America I dreamt of rhubarb pie and at Kerstin’s my craving could be satisfied. It was delicious!!!!

Many thanks, Kerstin!!!!

Lots of love,

Sabrina and Fredrik


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We arrived in Sweden on the 14 of July and were amazed by the green and spacious landscapes, the fresh air, the tranquility and the somewhat cold blowing wind. We felt cold, but no wonder after having experienced constant warm climate for 3 and a half years. It felt great though to be back in Sweden.


For those of you who are not that familiar with Sweden, the country is located in the northern parts of Europe (you probably knew that already) and has roughly the size of California or Spain and twice that of the United Kingdom. Only about 9 million people live in Sweden, which means there is a lot of space! The Nordic country has vast areas of forests, beautiful lakes, scenic coastlines and idyllic islands. The wilderness areas of Norrland (northern parts of Sweden) have the legendary midnight sun in summer, where the sun never sets for several weeks, arctic mountains, marvelous hiking trails and….. lots of mosquitoes.

The day we arrived at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm (Sweden’s capital) we got a ride by Kurt, Fredriks uncle, who took us to Köping, Fredriks birth and hometown.


Köping lies in the province of Västmanland on the western shore of Lake Mälaren, Swedens third-largest lake. It is situated in a mineral and timber rich area known as Bergslagen. There are several forests at the outskirts of the city which has 20.000 inhabitants. Here you can do many sports and outdoor activities.

Fredrik’s mom, Helen, and dad, Lars, live in Köping as well as a big portion of the rest of the family and relatives. We stayed at Helens and Jonnys and enjoyed winding down after all that traveling on the American continent. We loved eating Swedish food (we probably gained about 3 kilos each) and spending time with the family. From time to time we went jogging in the nearby forest and enjoyed eating out for lunch with grandma (Mormor), Marie. We also visited Lars and Marita and their dog Sigge at their cute little summer house, now permanent home, at the Lake Mälaren.


We enjoyed it to the full!!! Who wouldn’t?

Lots of love,

Sabrina and Fredrik

PS: Kära familj, tack så mycket för den här gången. Vi kommer gärna tillbaka.


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Back in business….

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Dear friends,

It has been a while but we are still here informing you about our adventures on our Big Trip through the world. We have spent 11 fantastic weeks in Sweden and Germany, our home countries, where we enjoyed to the full being with our families and friends. Have a look at the following reports to learn more about what we experienced in each country.


Sabrina and Fredrik


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