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Barbecue at Sascha's and Anita's place

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Hello there!!!!

Yes, we visited Sascha, Anita and Greta at their new house in the village of Eldagsen, which is about 12 km from my home village, Seelenfeld. They invited us to a barbecue and a house tour. Arndt & Steffi and Kesi (Lange) with her two kids, Karlotta and Bastian, were invited too. We spent a lot of time together in our younger days (ops, are we old?) and it is always fun to get together again. Their house is a dream, it's like a mansion, and the barbecue was delicious. We even had draught beer from a little beer thing (see photo). What else could you expect from a German barbecue? Yummy!!!!

Thanks for a good time!!!


Sabrina and Fredrik


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Birgit’s Birthday Party

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Birgit lives in Seelenfeld and the 22nd of July she celebrated her 50th birthday. The whole Kammeier family was invited, even Fredrik and I, and we partied all night. We met old and new friends of all ages and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. At 5 o'clock in the morning we, the Kammeier family, even visited Eckhard, who turned 40 the same day, and Angela, our next door neighbours, who welcomed us with beer and schnapps. It was a long but very enjoyable night.


Sabrina and Fredrik


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My home village

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The 18th of July we arrived at Hanover airport where my parents, Inge (short for Ingeborg) and Helmut,
and my niece, Nele,
welcomed us. After an hours drive we arrived in Seelenfeld, my home village. I grew up in this tiny, tiny village and lived there until I was 21. About 300 people live in Seelenfeld and the closest mid-size town, Minden (80.000 inhabitants), is about 25 km away. Around Seelenfeld there are many small villages and the typical German country life (what ever that means) predominates.

The house where my parents live is quite big.
It used to be a farmhouse but it was rebuilt by my father, a passionate professional and private builder, during many years and now the house seems like a labyrinth. In fact, people have got lost there!!! Since there is enough room for several families in the house, my sister Andrea and her husband Michaėl
and their, for the most of the time, adorable kids, Nele and Joss, and their cat, Lotti,
1_DSC_0366.jpgDSC_0832.jpglive there too.

We enjoyed spending time together, talking, laughing, partying, playing, babysitting, singing, screaming, swimming, shopping, eating etc. See yourself!!!!

Thanks for a wonderful time!!!!


Sabrina and Fredrik

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Visiting friends

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Gotland is Sweden’s largest island and lies in the Baltic Sea. It was a sovereign country for many hundreds of years until it became a part of the Swedish realm. The entire island is still full of ruins, artefacts and memories from its period of greatness during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages it was a prominent member of the Hanseatic league.

Gotland is a popular holiday resort for Swedes and foreigners alike. It offers beautiful sand beaches, hotels and apartments, good quality restaurants and cafes, a vastness of nature and events and festivities during the summer months.

Our friend Anna and her fireman, Erik, live on Gotland who we stayed with. Thanks for having us!!!! Erik, a real “Gotlänning”, showed us the southern tip of the island, with Anna we went to Visby, Gotlands province capital.


We also visited the Björk family (Tobias, Karolina, Vera, Alrik and Gunnar) at their ‘summer house’. A beautiful place!!!


At Visby we also visited Gotland’s Fornsal, a museum that has a collection of rune stones and other artefacts dating back over 8 000 years. Cool stuff!!!


We had a great time on Gotland!!!!


Sabrina and Fredrik

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Visiting our friends

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Stockholm has 1.7 million inhabitants and is Swedens capital. The city is built upon 14 islands and the water covers one third of the city area this is why Stockholm is often referred to as Venice of the North. It is surrounded by Lake Mälaren and by the Baltic Sea. The maritime life is an important aspect of the city. There are plenty of bridges, marinas and locks. The water is so clean that you can, in fact, catch salmon or take a swim in the middle of the city, just a few minutes walk from the city centre. Be aware though that the water can be somewhat chilly.

Stockholm has been our home town for 3 years and we loved to live in this Nordic capital. The city has a lot to offer from cultural events over shopping to activities in the nearby nature. Some of our best friends live in Stockholm who we wanted to visit and spend time with. We stayed at Karin, David and Anton’s place in Farsta Strand and met with David and Tobias one night. We hadn’t seen each other for quite some time and enjoyed a lot the get-together. A part from having fun with our friends, we did an awful lot of shopping (mostly stuff for our Russia, Mongolia and China trip) and NO sightseeing this time, therefore NO photos. Sorry!!!!

Many thanks to Karin, David and Anton for having us!!!

Loads of love,

Sabrina and Fredrik

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